PADI IDC Instructor Development Crewpack 2019 PADI Part # 60134

PADI IDC Instructor Development Crewpack 2019 PADI Part # 60134




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PADI IDC Crew Pack 2019 - PADI Part # 60134

SCUBA DIVING SCOTLAND is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre and is one of the largest in the UK.  We sell our PADI professional materials close to cost price to help support new dive professionals coming into the industry.  

All of our PADI professional materials are sent direct from PADI EMEA based in Bristol, England.  Please read the information below before you place your order and if you have any questions you can email us at - 



If you are ordering from the UK then you can pay directly from the website and the shipping and VAT costs are already included.  If you require the item(s) to be shipped outside of the UK then you must send us your – name, delivery address, PADI number, contact number and email address.  We can then contact PADI for an accurate quote for your country.  Please note that some countries outside of the UK have additional tax costs and this will be included in your final quote.  Shipping can take 4-6 working days from receiving payment.  If you require the item(s) urgently then let us know and we can send it via airmail for an extra £25. 



If you are purchasing your item within the UK then the items do not require additional VAT costs.  If you are having the item delivered outside of the UK then any quote we give will include any extra VAT costs.  This will be in addition to the item price and shipping cost



Please note, if you require the item(s) to be shipped outside of the UK then payment must be made via bank transfer.  We can supply our bank details at the time of your quote.  When paying please make sure to pay the correct amount in pounds sterling including any charges your bank may make.  Once we receive your payment the order will be placed with PADI EMEA and will be dispatched within 1-2 days. 



Import duty is entirely calculated and controlled by the local customs in the destination country that the goods are being delivered to. This is not something which SCUBA DIVING SCOTLAND as the retailer is responsible for.   It's the end consumer that is directly liable for any import duty that your country may impose.  If you have questions on this you can check the local regulations on import duty in your home country.  Please also note that when imports are being sent outside of trade agreement countries where VAT has not been charged upfront, the VAT may also be charged at the same time as import duty.   This is something you should also check before purchasing as you will be liable. 


All our PADI materials are shipped directly from PADI EMEA based in Bristol, England to ensure they are the latest version and include all the parts.  All items ordered are the English version unless otherwise stated at the time of order.  If you require the item(s) in a different language then please let us know before payment is made.



After the order leaves PADI EMEA we will receive a DHL shipment notification.  We will forward this on so that you can track your order progress.



All items are quality checked by PADI before they leave the warehouse.  Please check them over and make sure you are 100% happy.  If there are any issues you must let PADI and us know within 24 hours of receipt.   



Please note that no returns or refunds can be issued on PADI professional items.



Available in the following languages:




  • 60194 Cue Cards - Confined Water, Aquatic (6 Slates)
  • 60296 Cue Cards - Adventures in Diving, Instructor (7 Slates)
  • 60202 Cue Cards - Open Water, Aquatic (5 Slates)
  • 60205 Cue Cards - Rescue Diver, Instructor (9 Slates)
  • 60206 Cue Cards - Instructor for Divemaster Course (4 Slates)
  • 60571 Slate - Open Water Lesson Preparation
  • 60573 Slate - Confined Water Lesson Preparation
  • 70305 Exam - Rescue Diver, Final
  • 71023 Quizzes & Exams - O/W, Metric/Imperial
  • 70909MUL CD-ROM - Specialty Instructor Manual
  • 71310 Exam - Divemaster, Final, Metric/Imperial
  • 70513 Manual - Guide to Teaching
  • 70917 CD-ROM - Guide to Teaching
  • 70214 Workbook - Diving Knowledge
  • 70852MUL - OW Prescriptive Lesson Guides, CD-ROM
  • 70847 DVD - The Business of Diving: Positive Approach Selling (ENGLISH)
  • 82136 Backpack - PADI


    Please note, if you require this product to be shipped outside of mainland UK then email us for an accurate quote for shipping.  International orders may also be subject to VAT and must be paid by bank transfer before the order can be sent. There is no return or refund on PADI materials.

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